Alexis Malcolm Kilts and The ClanMcCallum/Malcolm Society and
Clan Gunn have established a one
week Piping Scholarship to the
North American Academy of Piping
& Drumming at the Valle Crucis
Conference Center, Valle Crucis,
North Carolina.
This Scholarship will cover one
week of instruction,room & meals
as well as a practice chanter for beginners.This award is for
beginners, intermediate or even
advanced Pipers as the school offers
all levels of instruction. Age is unimportant. Preference will be
given to Veterans, descendents or
relatives of a veteran and members
of Clan MacCallum/Malcolm and Clan Gunn.
ALL applications will be considered.Transportation costs
will be borne by the awardee.
We are starting with one week of Scholarship, but hope to expand
to many more as contributuions
come in. To apply click on the link to open & print the application lower on this page.

To contribute, contact Alexis Malcolm or e-mail or call (863)983-8458

We have established this Scholarship in memory of our youngest son, Chris, who was
the light of our lives. He was a Piper, US Marine, sailor, divemaster, member of the SCV, airboater, 3rd year Engineering student and a brother to all who worked with him at Bell South. Chris put a lot of living into his 32 years! He is survived by his Mother, Alexis, Father, Charles (FL Commissioner for Clan Gunn & Regional Commander of SAMS)
as well as his 2 brothers & closest pals, Cevin & Cameron.

The poem was written
for Chris by Tom Grimm, Chris'
friend at Bell South & presented
to us at his Wake:
Scholarship Application
Clan Gunn Society
Laddie, you were the driving force behind Alexis Malcolm Kilts. Our Spirit Child, in touch with your Celtic Heritage, the magic of Piping and the splendor of wearing your kilts ( as well as that Campaign Cover!).                                The sight of your Pipes sitting on top of their case in your room, forever silent, is almost more than we can bear.
As you loved to say.."Piping is Life & the rest doesn't matter!" God speed, Chris, on your next deployment....SEMPER FI, LAD, SEMPER FI !!
Scholarship Winners
QUESTIONS ? Call us.
We love to talk Tartan!
Ph: (863) 983-8458
9 to 5 PM  EST Monday - Friday

Or "E"mail :